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Player ratings: RSL 1-0 Vancouver Whitecaps

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando - 8 Nick Rimando is not slowing down at all. He may very well be getting better with every season. Rimando came up with three or four tough saves and was probably the best player for RSL in the first half.

Demar Phillips - 5.5 Phillips played well for not starting a few games in a row. He did, unfortunately, cough up the ball cheaply on a few occasions that really could have left RSL in a bad spot.

Aaron Maund - 7.5 Maund didn't get nominated for MLS Save of the Week last week so he tried to get in on the action again against Vancouver. Outside of a timely save, he played solidly the whole game.

Justen Glad - 6.5 Glad got beat a couple times for one reason or another, but let's be honest, he played an important role in another shutout.

Tony Beltran - 6 Beltran uncharacteristically had a bad first touch a couple of times, but was otherwise pretty good on the night. He gave the forwards a couple of chances to score with his service.

Kyle Beckerman - 6.5 Beckerman made us nervous a couple times. One was when he went down in pain and the other was when he left somebody else down in pain. It all balances out I guess. He was one of the few players keeping possession and calming things down in the first half when Vancouver was in the driver's seat.

John Stertzer - 6 Stertzer showed up quite a few times in the right spots to prevent Vancouver from scoring when things were looking a little scary. It was a nice showing for a guy who does not start every game.'

Luke Mulholland - 6 Luke's first touch let him down on his best chance to score, but he was pretty decent in the creator's role.

Juan Manuel Martinez - 8.5 Burrito has RSL fans chattering about how fun he is to watch after that performance. He had some world class, yes, WORLD class moves that left the stadium ringing with "oohs" and "aahs". And of course he had the game winning goal. A very nice night.

Yura Movsisyan - 6.5 Luck is going to start going Movsisyan's way at some point. He has hit the post or crossbar at least three times in 2016. He is in the rights spots and does the right things to create chances. The goals will come.

Joao Plata - 7.5 Plata picked up another assist and is tied for the lead in MLS with four. He very well could have had a goal as well were in not for a goal line save from Vancouver.


Jordan Allen - 6 In the 15 minutes he had, he played smart and did what he needed to do to help RSL secure the win and the shut out.

Devon Sandoval - N/A