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Should RSL fans worry about single-goal Movsisyan?

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps FC at Real Salt Lake Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

As soon as he arrived in Salt Lake City, Yura Movsisyan was quick to say that he expected to do special things this season and that he was hoping to do things he had never done before. When he said that last part, he was alluding to scoring double digit goals in the 20's. That said, he has one goal so far in 2016 after six games.

Should we be concerned? Absolutely not. Not yet anyways. Should we be frustrated? Maybe a little. After all, he has hit the post or crossbar at least three times so far.

The fact that he has been so close so many times tells us that he is hungry and that he is capable of creating scoring chances. If they aren't all hitting the back of the net just yet, that's okay. After all, RSL has yet to lose this season. As the Armenian international said on RSL 4 Utah, "I've got too many of these to know not to get frustrated...All that matters is we're getting the results."

He clearly has his head in the right place and knows that the team matters more than himself. The beautiful thing about that is that Yura is clearly a matured forward. He has found a healthy mental balance to his job. We know from his play on the field that he takes it upon himself to step up and try to score goals, which is something RSL has needed for a while now - that striker that takes it upon himself to do big things and puts pressure on himself to score goals. He knows that is what he is paid to do and that is his number one responsibility. But, he also knows how to not get impatient or frustrated and that the team's result is the most important thing.

Until Movsisyan gets visibly frustrated or stops his immense work rate, there is no need to stress out about him hitting the hardware rather than the net. Even if he's not scoring in droves, yet, he demands attention which frees up the others. I'm confident as ever that Movsisyan's goals will come, and they will come in bunches.