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Real Monarchs, joined by Garcia, Sandoval, draw 0-0 with S2

Devon Sandoval and Maikon Orellana during Real Monarchs' March 27 match against Saint Louis FC.
John Engels

A Real Monarchs side that was joined by Devon Sandoval and Olmes Garcia failed to find the net tonight, drawing 0-0 with Seattle Sounders FC 2.

Sandoval and Garcia were the most prominent first-team players to have joined the Monarchs, but Lalo Fernandez, Boyd Okwuonu, Phanuel Kavita and Danilo Acosta joined the team from the outset as well.

In the 10th minute, Sounders 2 nearly went ahead when first-team forward Victor Mansaray burst past a shoddy offside trap; he was stopped only by the far post, though it's hard to say if a more accurate shot would have been claimed by the lanky RSL first-team goalkeeper Lalo Fernandez.

The two sides traded chances in the first half, with Devon Sandoval nearly getting his head on the end of a Maikon Orellana cross, and Seattle nearly putting up a goal minutes later with an open shot from the top of the box.

In the 33rd minute, Kavita was next in the nearly club, getting his head on the end of a corner from about the penalty spot, forcing a difficult reaching save. The next big chance came — again — only minutes later, when S2 forward Myron Samuel nearly curled a ball in, but Lalo Fernandez stretched to reach the strike.

And so it continued in such a trading form: Another near-goal came minutes later when Maikon Orellana nearly volleyed in a goal from a chipped Devon Sandoval pass inside the box.

In the 51st minute, Devon Sandoval had a shout for a penalty kick, with an S2 defender turning and lifting his arms slightly from close range to block a shot from distance, but the referee paid no mind to the claim.

The match continued with nary a clear-cut chance from either side, and although there were some interesting opportunities for either side, none of them panned out.