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Jordan Allen starting to emerge as a star for RSL

MLS: Houston Dynamo at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake continues to solidify their dominance at home with an un defeated streak. 4-0 to start the season, RSL has made the RioT back into the fortress it once was.

With a beautiful bounce-back game, RSL took the full three points against the Dynamo. While it was a complete performance by the whole team, there is a star starting to emerge from the team: Jordan Allen.

Allen started for the injured Joao Plata and has done well in his starting role. His movement off the ball and creating havoc for the back line is the reason that Allen is starting to stand out.

His game-tying goal was the highlight of the game, when he was able to get free on the far side and and receive a pass from Justen Glad before scoring. His passes were on point, and he was able to hold the ball and make spot-on weighted passes to give his teammates opportunities.

On the defensive end, he is able to stop plays, disrupt passes, and his positioning to intercept passes and win the ball back and start the counter attack was what stood out the most. He tried a few crossed passes to Burrito, which ultimately went out of play, but the idea was a great one for him to have.

What makes Allen a difference-maker is that he does not have to be a forward or a midfield or a defensive player. He has become one of the most versatile in MLS and RSL coach Jeff Cassar has been able to find the best ways to get his fullest potential on the field.

The Claret and Cobalt start their 6 game road trip next week against the emerging Colorado Rapids for the second match in this year's Rocky Mountain Cup.