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Three questions with Dynamo Theory

Get the scoop before the game.

MLS: Houston Dynamo at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

RSL Soapbox) It looked like the Dynamo were starting to figure things out until the trip to San Jose. Are they still on an overall positive trend or are their problems resurfacing?

Dynamo Theory) Oh, it is definitely that problems are resurfacing which makes winning this season seem like an outlier event. The problems really start with the midfield defensive commitments and turnovers which maximize chances against tired or out of position defenders. The good news for the Dynamo faithful is that there is so much potential and talent with this side that, when utilized properly, could be a real threat in the Western Conference. The bad news is that it’s already a few months in and the coaching staff hasn’t quite figured out what that winning side might look like.

RSL Soapbox) When RSL struggled last year, a lot of fans started calling for head coach Jeff Cassar to be fired. How much heartburn are the fans feeling this season and how much of that blame is being put on coach Owen Coyle?

Dynamo Theory) A lot of fans are holding Owen Coyle accountable. Last year he got a bit of a pass as it was his first year in Major League Soccer and he inherited a squad from Dominic Kinnear so he never had a chance to put his team together. Now that he’s got some MLS experience, made his offseason moves, and has made the team his own we’re in the basement of the Western Conference. Dynamo fans are used to seeing their side succeed and are not happy with the direction. It is one thing to almost miss the playoffs which pretty much happened last year, but it’s another to be in last place. I think the Dynamo Front Office recognizes this and Coyle should be on the hot seat as missing the playoffs for a 3rd year in a row by the organization would be completely unacceptable.

RSL Soapbox) It seems like other teams are starting to figure out who RSL's new weapons are. In your opinion, who are the two or three players that the Dynamo need to focus on to slow down RSL?

Dynamo Theory) Well, slow down is the wrong word but Nick Rimando and his face stood between the Dynamo earning a road point and none at all so the team will need to test him early and often in order to get the desired result. Other than the wall that is Rimando, Jordan Allen was involved in both goals scored against the Dynamo as he unlocked our dysfunctional back by scoring and by providing a through ball that served as an assist to the assist for the RSL game winner. Lastly, Javier Morales has given the Dynamo fits in the past and his playmaking ability across the field cannot be overlooked for even a second. We’ll need to be extremely disciplined in central midfield and central defense with Morales on the pitch.