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RSL lose a barnburner in Columbus, 4-3

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Cassar decided to rest some of the regular starters with so many games coming up and, for better or for worse, things got entertaining very fast. The Crew were in control for a good 10 minutes or so until RSL came up with some great interplay up front resulting in a beautifully placed goal from Luke Mulholland in the top right corner. Salt Lake's lead didn't last long with Justin Meram finding Ola Kamara across the goal to tie the match. A couple minutes later Columbis kept making some tough runs and RSL's defense found themselves recovering all too often and Justen Glad had an own goal after a last gasp Aaron Maund tackle. That second Crew goal started with Sunny Obayan losing the ball in a terrible spot. RSL didn't give up and earned a penalty in injury time when Mulholland got taken down. Joao Plata stepped up to take it but Steve Clark read it correctly and rather than heading to the locker room with a tie, Salt Lake was down 2-1.

Cassar made a couple tactical adjustments that slowed the Crew down a bit, but not too much. Nick Rimando did Nick Rimando things and singlehandedly kept Kamara from getting his second goal around the 50th minute but later in the 64th Glad gave him too much time alone and he ended up with a brace after all. Things started to get out of control and in the 75th Aaron Maund got beat on a corner kick and RSL was down three goals with Kamara getting the hat trick. In the 78th, Demar Phillips found a soaring Jordan Allen who headed it in nicely to pull one back for Salt Lake. In the 83rd, things got especially interesting with a scrum in the box that ended up with RSL getting another goal as Plata slotted it home making it 4-3. The comeback came a little too late however and after a couple more Rimando saves, the whistle blew.