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Waibel, RSL watching players at Euro 2016, exploring “options, scenarios,” GM tells ESPN 700

Matt Montgomery

Today’s regularly scheduled interview with RSL general manager Craig Waibel on ESPN 700 didn’t provide any huge clues as to what Real Salt Lake could be doing once the transfer window opens — but it did give us just a little bit of a hint of some players the club’s looking at.

Where they’re watching those targets may just surprise you.

On Wednesday, Waibel told club-owned ESPN 700 that he’s been watching Euro 2016, and they’ve been paying attention to “a few guys.”

“We’ve got a few meetings going on our own end right now because of the transfer window coming up, and just trying to come up with options, scenarios, executions of a few ideas,” Waibel said. “We’ve got the games on, we’re watching quite a bit of them. And, you know, we’re keeping our eye on a few guys, most of them are quite expensive, but those games are fun.”

Of course, Waibel couched the discussion in some understandably safer terms, going into a short discussion on the difficult nature of signing a top player when the team already has three designated players.

“Well, league rules, we’ve already got our three designated players, so we’re now operating on allocation money and the salary budget itself,” he said. “We do have a little bit of wiggle room here, but not a ton. ... We don’t just want to add players to add players. We need to add guys that are better than what we have. The challenge is taking the budget we have available and finding guys that can come in and beat someone out.

“It’ll be a strong challenge in this window for us to execute that with the available money we have, but that’s why we sit in here too many hours a day trying to outsmart ourselves,” he said.

All told, we’re simply waiting to find out what some of those “options, scenarios (and) executions of a few ideas” are — indicating that there may just be moves in the summer transfer window after all.