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Player ratings: Dallas 2-0 RSL

MLS: Real Salt Lake at FC Dallas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Attinella - 6.5 Attinella had a few impressive saves and showed us all once again why he is the best backup keeper in MLS.

Boyd Okwuounu - 6 Okwuonu is working his way up the depth chart with all the minutes he is getting to improve his game. The game against Dallas was no exception. He showed that he belongs on the field.

Jamison Olave - 5.5 Olave had some highlights and some lowlights. He fell asleep once or twice on set pieces which RSL paid for. But he also came up big quite a few times and even looked dominant for spurts.

Phanuel Kavita - 5 Kavita held his own out there and showed plenty of potential. Much like Okwuonu, performances like these show that he is on track for a bright future.

Chris Wingert - 4.5 Wingert got burned on his side a few times and was unable to handle the speed that was coming his way. He eventually adjusted, but still had a hard time dealing with it.

Luke Mulholland - 6 Luke did his best to be a creator with the lineup that was on the field. He took a shot from distance that wasn’t far off, one of just a couple decent RSL chances.

John Stertzer - 6 Stertzer once again looked pretty good after his great showing against New York. He came on and played his role well.

Omar Holness - 6.5 Holness saw his first MLS minutes against Dallas and was one of the better players on the field for RSL. He did not look out of place at all. Did he make a couple of errors? Yes. But he seems ready for more minutes. He also took what was probably RSL’s best shot of the night that went just wide.

Jordan Allen - 6 Allen was doing what he could to be creative with an eye towards creating chances and got a chance to show his technical skills a few times. Unfortunately, no real scoring chances came of it.

Devon Sandoval - 4.5 Sandoval couldn’t get much going and didn’t particularly play that well. He seems to be straying from what he does well. That, or he is not getting the ball to be able to hold it up.

Olmes Garcia - 5.5 Olmes actually looked better on defense than he did on offense. I’ve asked before and I’ll ask it again - Where is the Olmes from a few years ago?


Demar Phillips - 5 Phillips came on and played in the forward position. Not much came of it, but he didn’t look out of place by any means.