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MLS Fantasy round 16 preview: RSL’s Yura Movsisyan in great form

MLS: New York Red Bulls at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Round 16 of MLS Fantasy is upon us, and one of RSL’s own is in the list for the top attackers. Let’s check out a rundown of some of the top picks at each position for this round.


Brian Rowe – LA Galaxy - $4.8m

Despite NYCFC and New England having a double game week, my top pick for goalkeeper this week is Brian Rowe. LA has a favorable match against Vancouver at home this week, and they’ve only allowed two goals in their last four MLS games, and I’d expect this weekend to be no different against the Whitecaps.

Quick Look:
Form: 7.0
PPG: 5.1
Selected by: 14.4%
Defending bonus total: 22
Round 16 projection: 9

Tim Howard – Colorado Rapids - $6.0m

OK—if you’re feeling froggy and want to spend a little extra money, why not spend it on Timmy Howard? He’s poised to make his Rapids debut on Monday, and it’s no secret that Colorado is the best team in MLS right now. They have the least goals allowed in MLS (11), and they’ve done that with a young Zac MacMath. Enter veteran Howard, and their clean sheet probability skyrockets, doesn’t it?

Quick Look:
Form: n/a
PPG: n/a
Selected by: 0.4%
Defending bonus total: n/a
Round 16 projection: 4


Drew Moor – Toronto FC - $7.7m

The ex-Rapid is in great form, and isn’t too pricey. Granted, Toronto FC is missing a slew of players this week, but Seattle hasn’t been doing too well. Moor scored 15 points just two weeks ago, and is projected at 11 this week. His defending partner, Justin Morrow, is also $7.7m and projected at 11 points, but I’m putting my money on Moor simply because he’s been nothing but solid for TFC and has a higher points per game average.

Quick Look:
Form: 9.0
PPG: 5.9
Selected by: 10.1%
Defending bonus total: 21
Round 16 projection: 11

RJ Allen – New York City FC - $5.4m

If you’re looking for a budget defender pick, RJ Allen might be your man. Despite a grim-looking matchup against the New York Red Bulls at home (remember that 7-0 beatdown they took last time?), NYCFC is on a double game week and Allen should play in both games, if history tells us anything. He’s projected at 12 points and at only $5.4m, won’t drain your bank.

Quick Look:
Form: 6.7
PPG: 5.6
Selected by: 5.4%
Attacking bonus total: 4
Defending bonus total: 6
Round 16 projection: 12


Lee Nguyen – New England Revolution - $11.8m

Nguyen is a little expensive, but might be worth it. He’s been incredibly consistent this season, scoring no less than four points in his last 11 rounds. New England has a double game week this round, so right now is a great time to add him to your squad. I’d even go as far to say that he’d make a great captain as well. Consistency is hard to come by in fantasy.

Quick Look:
Form: 5.0
PPG: 6.9
Selected by: 12.9%
Attacking bonus total: 14
Defending bonus total: 6
Round 16 projection: 10

Benny Feilhaber – Sporting Kansas City - $11.1m

As much as it pains me to list an SKC player here, Feilhaber’s round 16 is undeniably good. They’re playing at home against the Columbus Crew who have been less than stellar as of late. Benny’s been in excellent form lately, and also doesn’t have a bye week until round 25 so he can be seen as a relatively long-term option as well. Only being selected by 6.0% of fantasy owners, he can be useful as a decent differential pick.

Quick Look:
Form: 9.7
PPG: 5.8
Selected by: 6.0%
Attacking bonus total: 10
Defending bonus total: 4
Round 16 projection: 11


Yura Movsisyan – Real Salt Lake - $8.8m

Movsisyan has been tearing it up for us lately—scoring four goals in his last five matches. It seems that goals are coming easier for him, and with continued quality service from the likes of Burrito Martinez, Joao Plata, and Javier Morales, he’s poised to score plenty more this season. A favorable match-up against DC United this weekend—who has a history of losing in Salt Lake—looks to bode well for the Armenian powerhouse. He’s also one of the more inexpensive strikers at the top of the list, at only $8.8m.

Quick Look:
Form: 6.0
PPG: 4.4
Selected by: 2.1%
Attacking bonus total: 1
Round 16 projection: 8

David Villa – New York City FC - $12.0m

Villa will definitely put a dent in your bank account, but he comes in at the top of the projections this round with 15. Again, it’s hard to put much trust in NYC against the Red Bulls after that last game, but you can at least count on Villa for four points for getting significant minutes in both games this round, plus will most likely pick up some attacking bonus points, and don’t be surprised if he gets himself a goal or two.

Quick Look:
Form: 8.0
PPG: 7.0
Selected by: 34.9%
Attacking bonus total: 7
Round 16 projection: 15

That does it for a league-wide preview of round 16. Should more RSL players be on this list? RSL has double game weeks coming up later in round 22 and 28, so it’s a good idea to be thinking ahead if you want to pick up any of our guys in the next few weeks.