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The RSL Show - Episode 4 - Rant Cast

Josh has had it! Well, he says he has at least. There's some huffing and puffing here but we end in a good place. Basically we think there have been some missed opportunities and that we need something to shake it up and get us back in form. Suggestions include a ritualistic sacrifice at Jake's fire pit. Look out for your invite to that wholesome event.

We talk dropped points over the last 10 games and how we'll kick ourselves over them at the end of the year. What could be contributing to some of the lackluster performances? Are we too old? Too tired? Not smart in our rotation? Not deep enough? So much to cram in to 30 min.

We're sorry for a few things here.

1. We forgot Ovalle's name.

2. Someone came to the door.

3. Overall mediocrity.