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Player ratings: RSL 1-1 D.C. United

MLS: D.C. United at Real Salt Lake Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando - 5.5 Nick had a decent game, but the game didn't come his way until very late in the match When things came apart for a split second.

Demar Phillips - 6 Demar was solid as was the rest of the defense for the vast majority of the game. Not much was working for United through his side.

Justen Glad - 6.5 Glad bounced back after the miscue in the Open Cup game and looked confident and solid once again.

Aaron Maund - 7 It was fun to watch Maund battle with Saborio. Maund came out ahead more often than not knowing Sabo’s tendencies a bit.

Tony Beltran - 6.5 A quiet game for a defender is a good thing and that's what Beltran had. He kept things calm on his side not allowing much from D.C.’s attack.

Kyle Beckerman - 7 Beckerman is in great form on both sides of the ball. He was a big part of keeping D.C.’s chances limited.

Luke Mulholland - 4.5 Luke, from the look of the replay, seems to have been the guy that was supposed to mark Jeffries on the stoppage time goal. That doesn't negate everything else he did, but it was obviously a glaring problem.

Javier Morales - 6.5 Morales was a key cog in RSL’s ability to attack from all angles. The downside is he had a couple shots he could have netted.

Juan Manuel Martinez - 7.5 Burrito was the man of the match with his goal that he earned but getting through two defenders and chipping Hamid. He was slicing and dicing their defense all night.

Yura Movsisyan - 6 It's incredibly frustrating how many chances Yura creates that are not converted to goals. That's not to say he is doing anything wrong. Some of it is that the keepers come up huge against him and some of it is that even when he is close to goal they are still difficult looks. But at the end of the day, he should have put in at least one in this game.

Joao Plata - 6 Plata was creating and drawing attention but D.C. kept him off the board.


Olmes Garcia - 4.5 Garcia had a chance to put the game away with what was a one on one with Hamid and a little pressure from behind, but was simply unable to make it count. That has been a theme for him over a long while now unfortunately. He gets chances that he doesn't take advantage of very well.

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