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The RSL Show - Episode 7 - We hate this.

NEW SHOW LOGO - Thanks to AJ Harris for the artwork!

We love podcasting after a loss. Josh REALLY loves podcasting after a loss.

News and notes: Pedro Baez is here. Finally. We recorded this while he was supposed to be playing for Monarchs so there's some live reactions that are less than stellar. Update on our feelings about the Schuler signing. There was a weird tingling.

Lots of fun talking about the loss to Seattle. Basically this is all Josh's fault. He called it and put the bad vibes out into the world. We did some actual analysis around this one and talk about some tactics! REAL SOCCER TALK. Why did we give them the midfield? Why weren't we stepping on defense? How funny was it that Dempsey missed his PK?

Dallas coming up this weekend and we are scared. If things don't get cleaned up this one could be ugly. What do we need to do to win? What changes need to be made as we play the best team in MLS? Lot's to talk about.

Thanks for listening to this episode of amateur hour.