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What records are left for Rimando to win?

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Philadelphia Union Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

As you may have heard or read, last Sunday vs Philadelphia Nick “Wall of the Wasatch” Rimando tied Kevin Hartman for total wins with 130, and surpassed him in starts. What’s left for “Homeboy” Rimando to earn you may ask? The answer is an ever lessening list (from MLS All Time Stats/Standings as of 8/1).

Nick’s Current Records (before the game vs. Toronto on 8/3/16):

  1. Games Started: 412
  2. Goalkeeper Wins: 180 (tied with Kevin Hartman)
  3. Shutouts: 126

Records left to achieve:

  1. Games Played: 412 (Hartman leads with 416) - Will pass Hartman in 5 games.
  2. Minutes Played: 37,233 (Hartman: 37,260 - Rimando will surpass Hartman if he plays vs Toronto)
  3. Minutes Played In Goal (see #2 above)
  4. Games Played In Goal (See #1 above)
  5. Saves: 1,419 (Hartman: 1,474) - Likely to pass Hartman before season end.
  6. Shots Against: 1,979 (Hartman: 2043) - Likely to pass Hartman this month.
  7. Goalkeeper Losses: 134 (Hartman: 143, Cannon: 141) - Seriously we hope Rimando doesn’t take first in this category!

The last categories are Goals Against Average where Rimando (1.18) sits ahead of Hartman (1.22), but well below others who have played far less games; and Save Percentage where again Rimando at 71.9% is well down the list, but nearly all those above him are retired.

All told by the end of 2016 Rimando could hold every MLS GK record with the exception of Losses, GAA and Save Percentage!

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