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Player ratings: RSL 1-0 FC Dallas

MLS: FC Dallas at Real Salt Lake Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando - 7 Nick’s best save of the night came towards the end of the game before RSL scored the game-winner when he was able to dive and get his big paw on a ball that looked destined to go in. He showed well on the night overall.

Tony Beltran - 6.5 Beltran wasn’t quite as fast as Dallas’ front line, but he held his own. His passing, however, was sublime. In particular, he had a beautiful ball that allowed Javier Morales to go at goal. It took special vision to anticipate.

Justen Glad - 6.5 Glad had a quiet night, which in this case is a positive. Not much got through him and he looked very composed.

Jamison Olave - 8 Olave’s confidence is building every game that he is starting. Not to mention he had the game-winner, and it was not an easy shot. He is using his veteran experience to his advantage and proving the doubters wrong.

Demar Phillips - 6 Demar was one of the few people on RSL that was able to keep pace with Dallas’ attack.

Luke Mulholland - 7 Luke was very aggressive and very effective. The tandem he had with Beckerman on the night was fun to watch.

Javier Morales - 6.5 Javi had a pretty good night and even though he wasn’t credited with an assist, he was the creator on multiple plays. The quick corner that went through Morales led to the Olave goal.

Kyle Beckerman - 7.5 Beckerman really does seem to get better all the time. Against Dallas he seemed to be in all the right spots at all the right times on defense and broke up what seemed like half of their attacks.

Juan Manuel Martinez - 5 Burrito played a motivator role in this match even though he didn’t make the highlight reel.

Joao Plata - 6 Plata was so close to scoring a couple times that the crowd had a couple of those half cheers half disbelief groans.

Yura Movsisyan - 6 It really is unfair on nights like this when Movsisyan doesn’t get on the stat sheet. He leads the way as far as fight goes. He is one of the main reasons that RSL has never given up this season.


Olmes Garcia - 5 Garcia wasn’t able to do too much with the 20 or so minutes that he got, but he was able to draw some attention and free things up.

John Stertzer - 6 Stertzer looked very motivated and hungry in those last minutes. He surprises with his ability to break up plays sometimes.

Omar Holness - N/A