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Waibel tells Trib that RSL’s looking after window closes, but who could sign?

Matt Montgomery

If RSL is going to sign a player tonight, Real Salt Lake general manager Craig Waibel isn’t letting on.

He told Salt Lake Tribune reporter Aaron Falk (subbing in for beat reporter Chris Kamrani, who is in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Summer Olympics) that the club is still looking at players to sign after the close of the window.

"There are still a number of very good players out of contract," he said. "Those players are the ones that the market narrows to now. … We’re very happy with the conversations we’re having. They’re guys we’re very familiar with and within the next week, hopefully we’ll be able to figure out the details on one or two more guys."

And who might that be?

Well, when you talk about players that Real Salt Lake is very familiar with, our mind has to immediately turn toward players the club has experience with.

Chris Schuler. That’s the easy one, right? Real Salt Lake needs a defender. Chris Schuler, playing for Real Monarchs, has stayed (mostly) fit in 2016. His only issue was a hamstring strain. He even made an appearance with Real Salt Lake during the friendly against Inter Milan.

But if we’re talking about multiple players — and the language here is definitely in the plural (see below) — we could also be looking at some interesting options.

"We’ve been in discussions with three, four, five different players and options. For a number of reasons, we’re not going to get to the end line with three of them," Waibel said. "But we’re still in conversations with the other two."

That could mean a Real Monarchs player or two comes up. And wouldn’t you just know it, they announced two signings today — things are getting very interesting in Real Salt Lake land.