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Waibel praises Maund, Glad pairing, predicts one or two moves in coming weeks

Matt Montgomery

Real Salt Lake will almost certainly not be signing a player tonight, as previously reported by the Salt Lake Tribune, but general manager Craig Waibel told ESPN 700 today that one or two deals were still in the pipeline.

Waibel, however, was quick to turn toward the importance of understanding the difference between the transfer window and the registration window, which ends on September 15.

“A transfer window, by definition, impacts players that are currently under contract,” he said. “It does not impact in any way, shape or form, players that are out of contract. It’ll represent the close of transfers for players under contract. It’ll basically exploit the players that are out of contract.”

The Maund/Glad partnership

One of the factors weighing on Waibel’s decision making during the transfer window? Center backs Aaron Maund and Justen Glad have formed a strong parternship, Waibel said.

“I think what Aaron and Justen have done is really challenged my thought process,” he said. “Do they become more than what we initially had planned, which was, hey, we need to bring another really experienced guy in to keep teaching Aaron, keep teaching Justen? They formed a really great bond on the field.”

That inevitably changed Waibel’s plans.

“Player performance alters the plans,” he said. “Being humble in my position is key. It’s players jobs’ to prove us right and it’s players jobs’ to prove us wrong ... Aaron and Justen have both proven to be capable of playing consistently on a high level.”

Failed negotiations

Waibel cited negotiations as a potential stumbling block for getting the two deals completed, but more in terms of timeframe, indicating deals could be done very quickly.

“We’re certainly on the route to signing one or two players in the next one or two weeks ... hopefully sooner,” he said.

Real Salt Lake’s inability to complete deals before now was particularly a function of the team’s salary cap position.

“We’ve had multiple discussions with multiple players,” he said. “We’ve made a run at two or three guys that we had healthy conversations with. ... Not everyone wants to take less than they’re worth. I don’t think we’re going to hit the endline.”