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Sunny suspended, RSL debating an appeal, Cassar tells ESPN700

The midfielder has been issued the suspension for a tackle on Fanendo Adi.

MLS: LA Galaxy at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake may be short a player again. Just after Jamison Olave’s suspension has ended, news has trickled down that Sunny has been issued a suspension for a challenge on Fanendo Adi.

Cassar, verbatim on ESPN700:

I just got some news that Sunny received a suspension for his tackle on Adi; we’re going to have to, as a group, look at it and see if it’s worth appealing. I think it’s questionable. There is something there, but it is questionable.

I just looked at it with the staff, and obviously, I want to look at it with Craig (Waibel), Rob and Sunny as well, because not everyone’s been notified just yet. We’ll come up with a decision — there’s something to the tackle. I think it looks worse than it actually was, because Adi’s rolling around on the ground like he was injured, and sure enough, pops up and he’s fine and finishes the rest of the game, 90 minutes. When you show that you’re that injured and then you pop up and finish the game, there’s something to that, as well.

What’s that mean for Real Salt Lake this weekend? Well, there’s the rub, really. For the past two months, the team has been playing without Sunny, and it’s generally been alright. That’s not to slam Sunny, by any means. That’s merely to recognize the reality of the situation.

But what challenge, exactly, prompted this? If you have an idea, drop it in the comments. Sunny did receive a yellow, but it looked to be for an elbow early in the match and not a tackle.