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Five of Ricardo Velazco’s best goals for Real Monarchs

After scoring yet another brilliant goal, we’re taking a close look at Ricardo Velazco’s right footed goals from distance.

Ricardo Velazco, 23, has scored more than one or two great goals for Real Monarchs.
John Engels

If you haven’t seen it by now, you’re missing out: Ricardo Velazco, the Real Monarchs standout attacker, scored another of his trademark goals from the edge of the box, catching a goalkeeper out of position.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at Velazco’s goals for Real Monarchs this year. I did try to sort this by some sort of relative quality, but you know what? They’re all fantastic. You should watch each of them. Let’s just go from most recent to furthest back, shall we?

Sept. 3: Real Monarchs vs. Tulsa Roughnecks

This wasn’t the only chance Velazco had on Saturday: In fact, in the 8th minute, he hit the crossbar from only slightly closer than this goal.

July 6: Real Monarchs vs. Sacramento Republic

June 11: Real Monarchs vs. Sacramento Republic

May 29: Real Monarchs vs. Vancouver Whitecaps 2

Finally, let’s end on an assist — here’s a great one. this kid can really pass.

Aug. 1: Real Monarchs vs. Seattle Sounders FC 2, Andrew Brody goal