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Albert Rusnák cost RSL $460k, FC Groningen director says

FC Groningen’s New Year’s reception saw Hans Nijland reveal this juicy tidbit.

Matt Montgomery

How much did Real Salt Lake pay for the rights to Albert Rusnák? The club is unlikely to start divulging that sort of information, but FC Groningen seems a bit more open than most to talking about moves and money.

FC Groningen director Hans Nijland told attendees of the club’s nieuwjaarsreceptie — a “New Year’s reception” — that Rusnák cost Real Salt Lake €435,000, which, right now, is equivalent to roughly $460,000. That reception was reported on by the club; a link is below.

It’s unusual that a club director talks so openly about transfer dealings, so in that way, it’s refreshing.

It’s also refreshing to know that what we paid for Rusnák — who still presents a small risk — didn’t cost the €2.5 million he was rumored to be heading to Real Salt Lake for. Instead, it’s a fraction of that. If he succeeds at RSL, that’ll be a very reasonable investment.

Does this diminish the signing at all? Likely not. Transfer fees are sometimes structured in ways that give incentive to selling clubs to reduce the initial cost, sometimes in exchange for performance incentives, other times, in exchange for sell-on fees. If Rusnák succeeds and nets a big transfer fee someday, that could be better for FC Groningen than a smaller short-term gain.