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We want you at RSL Soapbox: Writers, videographers and more, join us

Are you passionate about Real Salt Lake and enjoy writing, photography, or videography? We might

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As RSL Soapbox looks to continue to grow in our coverage of the team, we’ve decided to put out a call for additional members of our team.

What should you know before getting into the form below? It’s not too complicated, and you don’t have to be the world’s greatest writer:

  • Any level of contribution is great — not everyone needs to contribute daily, weekly, or even monthly. If you would just like to contribute when the whim strikes, that’s an option.
  • You don’t have to be a professional. If you enjoy writing, photography, or doing video work, you’ll fit in. Our goal as a community will be to help you grow in that, but nobody starts as the finished product.
  • We’re not actively looking for paid writers at this time.

We’re looking for anyone who wants to contribute — but we’re especially interested in carving out new space for a few concepts and sections of coverage.

  • Video — We don’t really do much with video right now, but we’d love to start.
  • Real Monarchs — As Real Monarchs grows in both importance and prominence, we want to give the team more attention on the site.
  • RSL Academy — With the academy moving to Salt Lake County, we’d like to start ramping up coverage.
  • Utah Valley University — We have a genuine Division I soccer program in the state for the first time, and we’d really love to give it more attention. It already hosts several RSL-AZ graduates, and that will likely continue. It will probably be a big part of the development pipeline.
  • Real Salt Lake — Obviously, we’re always looking to build up our Real Salt Lake coverage. That won’t ever not be the case, because it’s the reason we’re all here.

Want to join the team? Fill out our Google Form — you can find it embedded below, but if that doesn’t work, follow this link to get there.