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Cassar optimistic about Donovan acquisition, RSL coach tells ESPN 700

The deal that wouldn’t die just revived itself again.

Los Angeles Galaxy v Real Salt Lake Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

You probably thought the Landon Donovan-to-RSL deal was, well, dead. After all, nobody’s talked about it in days, and there hasn’t been a strong source for rumors.

Hold your horses, though. This deal’s not dead. RSL coach Jeff Cassar told club-owned radio station ESPN 700 and Utah sports commentator Bill Riley that he’s “cautiously optimistic” about a deal — and that Donovan wants to be at the club.

I’m optimistic that we might have the opportunity to bring Landon in. Obviously, some things have to fall in line. That’s kind of out of our control. I’m optimistic, and there have been times when I haven’t been optimistic.

What might be causing a hitch in this one? Well, we’ve talked about free agency rules, and that’s something Cassar more or less confirmed.

There’s also free agency rules that you have to abide by ... those things are always extremely tricky. I’m cautiously optimistic that something can get done.

Obviously, the experience that he brings in and what you saw last year was the quality he still has left in him. I spoke to him, I know he has a burning desire to not just help on the field, but help in the locker room. Everything we spoke about was extremely positive. We have a lot of talented young men I want to get on the field, and I obviously think he can help them, too.

So there you have it. This deal’s not over yet.