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Episode 26 - Football Is War

Eredevise, tactics, Football is war and some other things that our friend Holland talked with us about.

Our friend Mitch (Holland) joined us to talk some Eredevise and our Rusnak acquisition. He’s from there so his opinion actually counts for something.

He doesn’t have a twitter but we’re working on getting him one. Feels like that should be a requirement to be on this show.

There's also another very non-specific rumor out there that involves someone he's very excited about. It's mentioned briefly. Don't ask about it.

The news run-down is the exact same as the last thing, but we talk a lot about the Chad Barrett and David Horst acquisitions and the fan reactions about them.

Chill people. There's a lot of really good things going on despite all the things the league is doing to make it harder for RSL to do good things.


We really like this episode. You're welcome.