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Nick Rimando re-opens Landon Donovan saga: “Could be fun”

We thought this move was dead. Apparently it’s not.

Earthquakes v Fusion X Rimando

So, you thought the Landon Donovan saga was dead, did you? It might not be quite as dead as we all thought after Sports Illustrated reporter Grant Wahl said the attacker wouldn’t be joining Real Salt Lake.

Nick Rimando threw some oil on the dying fire, and it’s right back to a roar.

“Could be fun LD, let’s hope this news is the same as my ATL news,” he wrote.

His ATL news, if you don’t remember, was when Rimando was reported to be a big target for Atlanta United’s first season in the league. Not only did that not happen, but it didn’t even really come close. There were plenty of indications from Real Salt Lake that no discussions were taking place between the clubs.

Rimando clearly didn’t think too highly of those rumors, given this tweet from the player. And Rimando — who is certainly in a position to know what’s going on at Real Salt Lake — seems to not think this deal’s quite as dead as Grant Wahl. It’s perhaps not coincidental that Wahl is the reporter who also reported (again, with anonymous sources without any sense of their relation to the rumor) the Rimando rumor.

What’s next? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see. But the move that seemed dead in the last hour may just have a little life left in it yet.