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The RSL Show - Episode 27 - Pre Season has begun!

Care to find out what we think about Luis Silva and the first pre-season game? Are you sure? New’s and Notes and what we’re looking forward to in 2017.

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Another week and another episode where we talk about off-season stuff. BUT WE'RE OFFICIALLY INTO THE PRE-SEASON NOW SO GET HYPED.


SILVA was made official but we're not sure about the terms. Could be a really good signing if the numbers are right. Even if they're a little off, though, this guy coming off the bench behind Rusnak or even on one of the wings is the type of experience we need to make the depth work for us this year. Brooks Lennon in camp, praise whatever god you believe in CAUSE YES FINALLY. LD - DEAD AS A DOOR NAIL. We're all over talking about this.

Pre-season has begun and we tied some team called FK Instra. We're more interested in their Instragram (GET IT!?)account than the actual result. Team is heading to Tucson for a second and then LA before the next pre-season tournament in Portland.

Nick started for the US and got a shut out. (YAY!)

Rumor mill is a bit dry right now. Anyone found the player we're alluding to? No? Good.

We're going to start doing more in depth Strenghts/Weaknesses talks bout each line in the formation. This episode we focus in on the defense.

Our friend Adam Fratto (not on twitter) joined us this week and we talk to him a bit about what he is looking forward to in 2017.