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Albert Rusnak will wear #11: “I can dictate the tempo of the game”

RSL’s new signing is confident in his ability to influence the team.

The Real Salt Lake press conference today introducing Albert Rusnák to reporters wasn’t too eventful — he didn’t drop any bombshells, Dell Loy Hansen didn’t leak any news, nothing like that — but it did give us our first real look at the player.

In interviews after the primary section of the conference, Rusnák discussed some of his qualities, thoughts on MLS, and his abilities. Some excerpts follow.

On Kyle Beckerman

That’s one guy I recognize also from the U.S. national team — I was double checking, “is that the guy?” Some guys ring a bell when you see the names, but as I said, it’s better to shake everyone’s hands on the first day in the locker room and say hello to everybody.

On expectations

Everywhere you go, there are going to be expectations. It’s self-motivation for myself, also, to reach the highest level possible I can and to get as good as I can. I know what’s expected, and I know what I have to do on the field.

Dictating the tempo

I think I can dictate the tempo of the game, especially if I play in the middle when it’s important to speed the game up or slow the game down. You’re in the middle, so you have to be good with the ball to help the team get up the field and create chances. I’m an attacking-minded player, so creating chances and scoring goals is also my job, and I’ll be looking forward to doing it.