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Plata issues apology to FEF, respects national team suspension

Plata says he’ll strive to improve as a professional and as a person.

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After the announcement late yesterday that several players were suspended by the FEF, Ecuador’s governing football body, and the news that Joao Plata was one of the players indefinitely suspended for misconduct, the Real Salt Lake attacker has issued an apology.

Rumors placed Plata with four other Ecuador national team players, including Enner Valencia, in some late-night partying. Those reports were not confirmed.

In his apology, Plata says he will strive to improve as a professional and as a person.

Es dificil tener que escribir sobre lo sucedido. Pero así como tomo mis decisiones buenas y malas, doy la cara. Siempre soñé con ponerme la camiseta de la selección, vengo trabajando hace mucho en mi club para tener esta oprtunidad indescriptible. Hoy no solo fallé a la selección sino también a mi familia que al igual que yo, con ilusión y orgullo recibió esta primera convocatoria. Me equivoqué, y no es producto de mi edad, desde los 15 años que decidí que el futbol seria mi vida, vengo esforzándome día a día a para ayudar a mi familia. Respeto la decisón de la FEF, mas allá que no coincide con lo que se conversó y acordó el día sábado en casa de seleccíon.

Me esforzaré el doble que antes, mejoraré como profesional y como persona, mi sueño de la selección no termina aquí. Nuevamente reitero mis sinceras discuplas públicas, a mi familia, amigos, a la afición en general y sobre todo a la seleccíon.

Translation from Google Translate

It is difficult to have to write about what happened. But as I make my good and bad decisions, I face it. I always dreamed of wearing the shirt of the national team, I have been working for a long time in my club to have this indescribable opportunity. Today I failed not only to the selection but also to my family that like me, with illusion and pride received this first call. I was wrong, and it is not product of my age, since the 15 years that I decided that soccer would be my life, I come striving every day to help my family. I respect the decision of the FEF, beyond that which does not coincide with what was discussed and agreed on Saturday at the selection house.

I will strive twice as much as before, I will improve as a professional and as a person, my dream of the selection does not end here. Again I reiterate my sincere public discussions, my family, friends, the general public and above all the selection.