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Three things to do better in the (maybe) final home game of the season

The deck is stacked against us but, as always, we keep believing....

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Colorado Rapids Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

There’s never been a more dominating performance from a Real Salt Lake team than the one we saw this weekend. It was a thorough dismantling of Colorado Rapids and at their own home ground. We dominated the team with possession and skewered through the defence time and time again. Colorado were barely in the game at some points and were simply content to sit back and be pummelled by a the mighty claret and cobalt.

And yet we lost.

If ever a game summed up a season, it was this one. 72% possession guys, seventy two perfect. 29 shots on goal. Double the number of passes. SEVENTY TWO PERCENT OF THE BALL!!! I just don’t know how we lost this! Somebody needs to watch next time Tim Howard get’s into a phone box because there’s a good chance he’s superman (when he’s playing in Colorado). So what do we do after this?

Go out in style

We’ve dominated almost every game in the back end of the season and I wouldn’t expect this to change against Sporting KC in what will be a game of even more bitter rivals. Our fate is in everybody else’s hands right now and while I’m believing with the best of them this might be the last hurrah for 2017. Whatever happens, we may as well go out with style and do our best to give the fans a show. If we’re going to dominate and not win, we might as well take bigger risks with how we play and maybe manage to win. Let’s have some of these, yeah?

What a goal, right?!

Keep our cool

I don’t know if anybody hates Benny Feilhaber as much as I hate him but I know he hates Real Salt Lake as much as I hate him. KC have a habit of getting under our skin and there’s a thorn forever in our side thanks to 2013 about this team. With Peter Vermes once again being linked to the USMNT job we may find a manager trying to cement his managerial legacy with KC with another MLS Cup win so Kansas will be coming out swinging and wanting RSL to fall apart for them. It’s a true rivalry game but we need to make sure we’re keeping our cool and not letting the frustrations of the season spoil what should be a tremendous send off for a team that’s worked harder than we’ve seen just to come this close.

Start Yura Movsisyan

Before you throw your PC out of the window, hear me out. All signs point to Yura leaving the Rio Tinto in the post season and it’s what’s best for business. But to suggest that Yura isn’t an icon for the club would be disrespectful to everyone, including him. He’s worked as hard as anybody could in a season of such turmoil and still managed to come up big with some important goals. Above all else, he deserves a good sendoff from the fans as a sign of respect for everything he’s done for the club, how hard he tried to keep the season alive and for his tenure with the club. Of all three things I’ve mentioned in here, this is what is important because we’re a club that looks after it’s players and it’s legends and no matter how this season has ended, that’s what he is.

I’m not going to say anything on top of the USMNT failure to qualify for the World Cup or how much it made me feel like there was nothing good and pure left in the world, that only darkness would reign now while the sun would be doomed to spend it’s remaining days as a distant memory to us all. It’s going to be ok, you know? Is it the end of the world? Yes, of course it is. We’re all going to be eating roadkill and wearing spiked leather by the end of the week while groups wrestle for territory and Denzel Washington teams up with Luke Mulholland to deliver the final print off to Mike Petke from the last known working printer. Good luck in the future, comrades!