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Colorado vs. RSL: Danilo Acosta, Man of the Match

Danny took a big step in Colorado.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Colorado Rapids Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Even in a game that RSL desperately needed but was unable to get the desired result, Danilo Acosta stood out.

Earlier in the year, the criticism of Acosta was that he was not learning from his mistakes quickly enough and would repeat similar errors from one game to the next. Against Colorado, Acosta seemed to turn a corner. He looked sharp and confident and, by and large, free of mistakes.

More importantly, Danny made some big plays that gave RSL multiple chances to get a point or three in the game. He set up some scoring opportunities with some impressive play getting forward and distributing the ball. He stepped up in a big way on defense both in isolation and helping the center backs.

Sure, things did not pan out like we would have hoped. But Danny gave us a reason to remain optimistic about the present and the future.