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RSL SHOW - 70 Josh Is Grounded

Josh is grounded from going to away games for a while. Mitch and Jake had a discussion about it while he was gone, behind his back and without even giving him a heads up, and feel that it is for the best.

The Colorado match. Is that enough? Can we just not talk about this one a ton? This seems so reminiscent of the Jason Kreis era when teams would bunker and foul against us just to get a result. Dream scenario for them to get a goal as early as they did. Mike Petke talked about the why's of that goal on ESPN700 and we talk a little about what he saw and how we feel about it. Also, we hate Josh Gatt. Swear kitties worth of hate.

We talk about the Columbus Crew moving to Austin. This might be considered a "hot take" and we'll let the pod speak for itself. Feel free to @ us about it.

SKC on the weekend and we ramble a bit about this one. It's weird to be in the position that we are in right now. Not getting it done the last two weeks has left us in fates hands and that's not a great position to be in right now.