Be careful of drinking the Kool Aid

So the 2017 season is over. The sky didn't fall as I thought it would and the team showed much improvement over the second half of the season. With that being said, they still didn't end the season as they should have. This team is trending up but they have not proven they have what it takes to control their own destiny. Just as last year, it came down to what other teams did on the final weekend to determine the playoff picture for RSL. This must be the next hurdle they get over in order to say this team is back. Controlling our playoff destiny as we did in the past is the goal we as fans need to expect from this team year in and year out. This mind set must be restored to our team culture and it must be held on to as the most important key to the survival of the crest. We must never take making the playoffs for granted again. It should be expected as the standard of the club every year. Players, coaches, management, and owners will come and go so it is the fans that have the responsibility to demand such standards of the club year in and year out. This is what makes clubs GREAT.

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