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Report: Petke given three-year contract extension

RSL coach Mike Petke isn’t going anywhere.

MLS: Sporting KC at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Julie Stewart-Binks, ESPN reporter, has some good news for Real Salt Lake fans on the back of the club’s failure to make the playoffs: Mike Petke, the man who turned things around, has been handed a three-year guaranteed contract extension.

That’s wholly justified, of course. Petke joined the Real Salt Lake organization in December 2016, and he joined as the coach of Real Monarchs. That was a real surprise, but it was his entry back into the world of professional soccer.

Once Jeff Cassar was fired from the club, Petke was installed after a couple weeks of speculation and decision-making. He turned out to be an inspired pick, and while the team continued to struggle for a time, he eventually lifted the team to a position where they were playing his soccer, and they were confident and effective doing so.

Let’s close with a nice Petke quote from Sunday’s post-match press conference.

It has been amazing, this team, the players, this club as an organization, and specifically these fans, the supporters throughout the year has brought back the love of this game that I hadn’t had forever and I hit a little rut for a couple of years for the love of this game. It has really brought it back for me. So my hat’s off to the supporters. Thank you for everything and I can’t wait to unfold the team next year and you can be proud of us.