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Report: Beckerman, Rimando contract talks underway, Stejskal says

Here’s a bit of potentially good news about two RSL legends.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at D.C. United Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when we talked earlier this year about Kyle Beckerman and Nick Rimando being out of contract at year’s end? Well, MLS Soccer reporter (and former RSL press person) Sam Stejskal dropped some potentially good news about that today: Real Salt Lake is holding contract talks with the two of them.

That’s probably not surprising. In fact, it would be surprising if some sort of discussions weren’t underway, and it would probably fill us with some dread.

No pun intended. I promise.

Beckerman and Rimando are two of Real Salt Lake’s most important players, and they’ve both been here for over a decade, arriving in the middle and start of 2007, respectively.

There’s not too much of substance in the report, which should come as no surprise. Nick Rimando was the subject of a rumor during the last offseason, and that had him as a target for Atlanta United FC. There has also been near-constant rumbling of a move for him to LAFC when they enter the league, although again, nothing has ever been confirmed or more than just a rumble.

But it’s truly hard to see Kyle Beckerman leaving the club. He’s the captain and the heartbeat of the group, and it’s been that way for many, many years. Losing him would be like losing a part of us, and I hope it never happens.