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Report: Jefferson Savarino injury unaffected by extra week off

Mike Petke told the Tribune’s Maddie Lee that Savarino’s return timetable isn’t helped by the extra week off.

Manchester United v Real Salt Lake Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

It’s been a big night for Real Salt Lake that’s for sure. With rumours about Rusnak being scouted for a big move to Europe and Rimando and Beckerman looking to be offered new deals with the club, there’s one more story left, and that’s an update on Jefferson Savarino after he was seen limping around the field after the game against LA.

Maddie Lee from the Salt Lake Tribune has a couple of tweets on the topic, reporting that Mike Petke and official RSL communications say a little extra rest isn’t going to do him much good.

Savarino himself is quoted as saying he has a grade 2 sprain which by all accounts would end his season short of a deep play off run. It would also appear that any short term measures that could enable him to play through any such injury are off the table as well with the club choosing to be careful with the Venezuelan star rather than rush him back.

With two games left in the season it’s not uncommon to see fringe players get a game or two but with this it looks like Petke’s hand has been forced and it will be interesting to see which of the young players in RSL’s deep attacking corps gets a run out.