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Petke: FC Dallas forfeiture should be “clear-cut decision”

RSL coach Mike Petke never shies away from his opinion.

MLS: Portland Timbers at Real Salt Lake Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake coach Mike Petke sounded off on the controversy surrounding FC Dallas fielding an eligible player after training today, with Salt Lake Tribune reporter Maddie Lee there, among others, to capture his reaction.

Lee spoke with Petke on other topics, too — you should read the reporter’s piece today.

The controversy erupted after FourFourTwo reporter Paul Tenorio unleashed it on the public in a series of tweets. MLS still has yet to respond publicly.

I could try to provide more opinion here, but we’ll all be better off if we just let Petke take it away. You know, as usual.

All I have to hear or see is to read the rules from FIFA and read the rules from the MLS bylaws. Unless I read them wrong — and I could have, I could have — but from what I’ve read both state that that is a forfeiture. He was put on the starting lineup, pulled out, and put in in the 80th minute.

For me, it’s the easiest decision in the world. For me, it should have been decided already. There are some things in life that are clear-cut and simple, and to me, that’s one of them. But I’ve been in this league long enough, who the heck knows? I know what should happen, and I never want to benefit from something — I want to earn everything I have. but I know that we’ve been hard-pressed this year for things I didn’t think we’ve done wrong, as far as red cards or suspensions. It’s a clear-cut violation.

I know I’m going off on it now, because you started me, but I would even take it a step further. Personnel in Dallas — the head honchos — have been in this league since 1996. They know the rules. I’ll wait to see what happens. I know this impacts Orlando a heck of a lot more than it impacts us, but I just think it’s a clear cut decision.