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Kyle Beckerman cut his hair, Trib’s Lee reports

Kyle Beckerman dribbles the ball Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

This is not the news you wanted on a Wednesday afternoon after the season’s end.

In fact, it’s not the news you ever wanted to hear.

Kyle Beckerman, Real Salt Lake’s captain, has cut his hair. That’s according to a report from Salt Lake Tribune reporter Maddie Lee, and we’re just assuming that Luke Mulholland didn’t take her phone to play a prank on, well, all Americans.

So, yeah. Kyle Beckerman. Hair. Gone.

Beckerman, who has had dreadlocks for a long, long time, may never be the same.

But before you go too crazy with this news, know that expectations seem to be that Beckerman will be remaining in Salt Lake City. In an interview for official RSL podcast OnFrame, RSL general manager Craig Waibel hinted heavily that Beckerman would remain a Real Salt Lake player in 2018. So there’s that.

Still, as the above image indicates, Beckerman looks pretty dapper with shorter hair, too.

Maybe everything will be alright.