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NWSL team name will be announced Wednesday

With the Harvey-as-coach announcement complete, the team will announce the name this week.

Matt Montgomery

EDITOR’S NOTE: The name announcement has been pushed back. We’ll update when we know more.

During today’s press conference announcing the appointment of Laura Harvey as Real Salt Lake’s NWSL team coach, another important bit of information was announced: the team’s name will officially be announced on Wednesday morning.

Pricing and season ticket procedures will also be unveiled during that announcement, club press told the media today.

No substantive rumors have popped up surrounding the name, but all indications have pointed to the team not simply being “Real Salt Lake” with ‘Women’ or ‘Ladies’ tacked to the end — that notion of equality was part of Dell Loy Hansen’s initial pitch.

“The locker rooms will be equal. The food will be equal. The participation will be equal,” he said in last week’s press conference announcing the team. “I honestly believe we will fill this stadium as easily as we do with the men’s team. What we want to make this a rallying point for the evolution of equality for men and women in Utah.”