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KB5 has no contract?!? It’ll be okay.

I’m never gonna let you go, I’m gonna hold you in my RSL forever.

MLS: Houston Dynamo at Real Salt Lake Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

So contracts. It’s that time of year, right? Who’s stressed about Kyle Beckerman being out of contract, a free agent? He has a professional new job interview haircut, but you shouldn’t be worried. He’ll have a new contract. Here’s why.

He’s the captain

As of next year, he’ll have ten years as RSL’s captain. That’s huge. You don’t just wander away from a commitment like that. The influence he’s had on the culture of this club are unmatched by anyone in the organization. Real Salt Lake and Kyle Beckerman are deeply intertwined, congealed into a single strand of dreadlock that keeps this organization bound. Or, you know, some other metaphor now that the dreads are gone. Maybe glue. Or syrup and pancakes! That’s it. Beckerman is like maple syrup to pancakes. Or cheese to funeral potatoes. Whatever. Pick your own food if you don’t like mine. Just don’t forget that he’s been with this club since 2007: 284 matches, 279 starts, 24,796 minutes, 33 assists, and 29 goals*.

*Those stats are regular season only!

With the time he’s put into the club, into Salt Lake, I’d be surprised if he cuts a deal elsewhere. I could see someone wanting to go home, but he’s from Maryland. They don’t even have a soccer team. I mean, sure, it’s twenty miles out of Washington DC, but I lived in DC. Traffic’s terrible.

He just got married

Has it already been three years? Sheesh. Feels like just the other day. Three years, though (on January 4th; congratulations, Kyle and Kate!). He’s built a life here with his spouse. This is where they met and got married. Why upend that? When you’re happy somewhere, you become a part of that place. It becomes a part of you. Your life and love and family all intertwine with the roots of the land. Or, you just really like the restaurants and the neighborhood. Whatever. Salt Lake is great.

Fly fishing

The photo says it all. Look at that trout. Utah has some of the best fly fishing you can find. From the Provo River to the Green River and all the backcountry streams, fishing in Utah is a dream. Now, I must admit, I don’t fly fish. I tried. I have zero coordination. Mostly just ended up making myself angry. But I do love fishing. Just not with a fly rod. Because I’m terrible at it. Yes. I am embarrassed.

When you’ve found those perfect fishing holes, you don’t just give them up. You hold them and love them. They become your place of joy. You take engagement photos there. You take your friends there. You go there to hide from your friends. No letting that go!

KB5 is Alive

This is the place. Where, you know, Kyle Beckerman lives and works. I’ve only met him briefly and in passing, but I feel like he’s family. Hopefully he sticks around. I’m betting he will.