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Royal Roundup - Nov. 29th, 2017

Chapecoense anniversary, NWSL coach announcement from other sources, MLS player list, LV to host 3 MLS teams, and more.

Austin Escobar


  • Laura Harvey named Utah’s NWSL coach. (SLTrib)
  • The Laura Harvey announcement from Seattle’s POV. (SAH)
  • Statement from RSL regarding the Tribune’s article on stadium tax break. (RSL)


  • Full team list of declined and out of contract players. (MLS)
  • Some of the biggest names on the declined / out of contract lists. (MLS)
  • Toronto FC could be the first team to win the domestic treble. (MLS)
  • Greg Vanney wins Coach of the Year. (TFC)
  • Satire Files - Columbus told to apply for expansion team by MLS. (Nutmeg)
  • And NOT satire - MLS tells Columbus it can apply for expansion team if the Crew move to Austin. (SBI)
  • D.C. United to play 2-4 games in alternate locations until stadium done. (ESPN)

Other US Leagues


  • Qatar’s reusable stadium plan for World Cup ‘22. (SSD)
  • One year after Brazil’s Chapecoense disaster. (ESPN)


  • If you haven’t already seen it...
  • Western Conf. championship - leg 2 promo
  • Eastern Conf. championship - leg 2 promo