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Utah Royals: NWSL team name, logo, season ticket prices announced

The team finally has a name. This is really happening.

Real Salt Lake’s NWSL team has finally been given a name: Utah Royals FC. The logo, which features an image of Utah’s Delicate Arch, one of the great natural arches in the world and a mark those familiar with Utah will instantly recognize.

The club also announced season ticket pricing, and they announced that all regular season games would take place at Rio Tinto Stadium.


The following notes are from the press release:

- All 2018 NWSL regular-season home matches (12 games) at Rio Tinto Stadium

- Ticket Exchange Dates for unused tickets

- First right of refusal for potential Utah Royals FC playoff games

- Significant savings over day-of-game pricing

- Discounted Utah Royals FC merchandise at both Stadium and Downtown team stores, plus other exclusive offers

- Exclusive Utah Royals FC "Meet the Team" Event Invite

- Utah Royals FC Inaugural Season Gift

- Special Season Ticket Member rate on additional tickets

- Exclusive presale access to purchase tickets for all non-NWSL events at both Rio Tinto Stadium and Zions Bank Stadium

Season tickets start at $120, and that price remains for much of big swathes of the stadium. Interestingly, supporters are being placed in the north goal, with the south goal remaining vacant. That puts the individual price of a ticket at $10 per match.

Tickets top out out at $1,500, or $125 per match. That’s for the premium, business-oriented “Audi Executive Club,” while the Zions Bank Club seats and similar range between $600 and $960, or $50 to $80 per match. It looks like substantial areas of the stadium, particularly the south end and the upper deck, are currently closed off to season ticket holders.

Pantone? Pantone!

I know this is useful for about one percent of us, and I’m not really one of them, but if you’re looking to, say, make a great scarf or Slack theme, it’s useful to have Pantone colors. I suppose.

  • "Claret Red" (PANTONE 201 C)
  • "Cobalt Blue" (PANTONE 2758 CV)
  • "Victory Gold" (PANTONE 1235 CP)

What else?

Tell us what you think of the logo. Do you like the female lion (a lioness, if you will) head? What about the arch? It looks like the same ball appears in that logo that appears in the RSL logo, but the crown takes a different style. Trademark’s a tricky thing between leagues, I’m sure.

The club says secondary and tertiary marks will be revealed over time, so there’s that to look forward to, as well.