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2017 Player Profiles: Kyle Beckerman

Captain Kyle may have lost the dreadlocks, but he hasn’t lost it on the field.

MLS: Sporting KC at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

What more can you say about Kyle Beckerman at this point in his career in MLS as well as his decade with Real Salt Lake? He is arguably the most recognisable RSL player ever, not just for his (now gone) dreadlocked appearance, but his tenacity and leadership on the field. Regardless of how his contract situation plays out as the post-season rolls on, Kyle probably had one of his most crucial roles on the team in 2017 when compared to other years.

I mean, he managed to save our season hopes a few times, he scored amazing goals and he’s proven time and time again he is a natural leader for our young squad. After the loss of Javier Morales, the club was down to the bare bones of the fabled “Core,” but Kyle showed how much he still has to give, however Real Salt Lake lines up.

Changes in formation haven’t brought a difference in playing style with Beckerman. He’s had a few less passes per game and a few more clearances per game this season, but he’s largely played in the same way he always has done. There’s a comfort in knowing that no matter how the team lines up our captain can be depended on to keep the team in the game.

A couple of injury worries cropped up to keep him out of a few games this season, and lots of people are starting to ask what comes next in the midfield for us. He’s on the other side of his 30s now, and while he’s still far and away fitter than most 35 year olds, he’s at the point now where enough people are going to start asking him about the “R” word. Whenever that time comes, I hope it’s the Rio Tinto where he’s having that final game.

There’s no reason not to extend his contract for another year. Even if he finds himself riding the pine for a few games to allow Nick Besler to have a few games in his role, Kyle is a leader in a squad that needs to be led. He’s a clutch player that also plays 90 minutes each week. He’s a superstar with the attitude of a guy still trying to prove himself.

Simply put, there’s nobody quite like our captain.