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RSL Soapbox’s mock 2017 MLS Expansion Draft

Who might LAFC pick up today? We’re taking our guesses.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Los Angeles Galaxy Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The most magical time of the year for any new MLS team is what you might affectionally call the MLS Gift-Giving Season — or, in other words, the MLS Expansion Draft.

This year, Los Angeles Football Club, 2018’s debutant,

1. Yura Movsisyan, Real Salt Lake

Movsisyan’s a great choice for LAFC, not on his own, but because he could probably partner quite well with Mexican international Carlos Vela. This, of course, depends on Bob Bradley not going with a target striker, which if we’ve learned something this year, it’s that Movsisyan certainly isn’t that.

— Matt Montgomery

2. Harry Shipp, Seattle Sounders

Shipp is the kind of attacker that still needs to kind of find his feet If paired with another striker, he could really help LAFC to get some attacking force going. He’s still pretty young also, a good choice if you’re looking for a player that has the potential to grow and fill bigger shoes. He’s been a second choice for his past teams, maybe what he needs is a chance to be consistently in a starting 11 again.

— Megan Webb

3. Michael De Leeuw, Chicago Fire

Perhaps i’m biased because i’m dutch, but De Leeuw is good because he’s a consistent target man. He’s not going to outscore the first string striker, nor is he going to score every time he comes on the pitch. But he’ll score a goal with his head when you need one and for an expansion team having a late super-sub whom can keep his composure and has experience internationally is important. He can also back up and play a playmaker role if needed. Also, that beard, need I say more?

— Wirtjo Leonard

4. Matias Laba, Vancouver Whitecaps

I’m kind of surprised that Laba has been made available. He’s only 25, and has been a solid defensive midfielder for the Whitecaps over the last four seasons. I think he’d make a good foundation for the base of Bob Bradley’s midfield.

— Ryan Kelly

5. Jeff Attinella

At 29 he’s on the upper end of the age bracket, but Keepers have more longevity than most other positions. He’s a first string player, with many years left; and his salary isn’t a big hit. Plus he was mentored by Rimando - if you can’t get the best, get one trained by him.

— Kreg Asay