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RSL SHOW (78) - Taran Meyer on Monarchs and Academy stuff

Taran Meyer stopped in to give us some Monarchs and Academy updates.

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News and Notes, as usual, to start the show this week.

We talk about how we were 50% right on the moves that RSL made last week when the first changes of the offseason were made. There are some interesting things going on in RSL land with Sunny and Demar getting contracts. With everything we've heard about offseason targets we're scratching our heads a bit and are excited to see what happens here.

The NWSL team has a name and a logo and we are excited about both, but more excited about the gold and black logo. It's better than the multi-color version. Don't @ us.

Taran Meyer joined us again to talk about what's been going on with Monarchs and the Academy since we last spoke with him.

We talked about moves the monarchs have made, players let go and brought in and what it could mean. We also talked about academy games that have been played this week and some rumors surrounding academy stand out Taylor Booth.