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Real Salt Lake vs. New York Red Bulls: Player ratings

Real Salt Lake’s 1-0 win over New York Red Bulls was a great chance to start evaluating our roster.

MLS: New York Red Bulls at Real Salt Lake Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

First half

Matt Van Oekel—6 Had a decent game in goal. Showed some quality distribution.

Tony Beltran—5.5 As usual, he was solid and dependable. His experience showed on the field, but nothing game changing.

Aaron Maund—6 Played well and linked up nicely with the back line. He looks healed up and ready to reclaim his form.

Justin Schmidt—6 Looked good on the pitch. He put himself in some great situations and showed rather well. Expect some fight from him with the Monarchs.

Demar Phillips—5.5 Like Beltran, he played a decent game. There were a few preseason hiccups, but also some nice pieces of vision.

Luke Mulholland—8.5 I thought he was the best player for RSL on the day. He was everywhere. He broke up plays, he found open channels, he played some beautiful passes to Plata and set him up for solid looks on goal.

Nick Besler—4.5 He was out there, but sometimes I wasn’t so sure that he was. He made a couple of good plays, had a couple of missteps. He was mostly quiet, though.

Luis Silva—6 Silva linked up nicely with the midfield and the forwards. There was some really swell combination play and runs that harried the Red Bull defense.

Joao Plata—8 Plata was full of the spunk and energy that RSL fans love from him. He was up and down the field, his footwork was steady, and he linked up well with the rest of the team.

Yura Movsisyan—6 He was a solid presence up top and kept Collin busy. He started off the match with a bang, but seemed to dwindle as time progressed. Looked hungry, though. Like the wolf.

Daniel Haber—4.5 I thought he looked his best when he jumped back to assist on defence. The Red Bull defenders didn’t have much problem handling him, though.

Second half

Lalo Fernandez—8 I thought he played a great match. He made some great saves and showed wonderful decision making and gumption.

Reagan Dunk—5.5 Dunk looked decent with the rest of the team. He has a long way to go, but the potential is certainly nothing to deny.

Chris Schuler—5 Schuler played well enough but wasn’t the powerful presence we’ve him be in the past. Nothing terrible. Nothing standout.

David Horst—5.5 Horst showed his experience and I’m not concerned with him as a backup CB. There were a few shaky moments, but some strong ones as well.

Chris Wingert—6.5 He was calm and composed through the game and was in the right places when he was needed. He made some fine passes forward to get the attack moving along.

Sunny—5.5 I thought Sunny had a quality game but did nothing surprising or exciting. A good forty-five minutes and a solid showing.

Omar Holness—5.5 Like Sunny, Holness was solid but not exciting in this game. He was where he needed to be, composed, and put in decent minutes.

Ricardo Velazco—7.5 The attacking players looked hungry in the second half and Velazco was their pivot. His assist was calm and steady. Professional.

Jordan Allen—8 Allen is the guy we’re all watching. He didn’t disappoint in this match. He was firing on all cylinders, displayed smart movement, and put away his chance like a champ.

Chad Barrett—6.5 Barrett knows the game. He knows where he needs to be and what he needs to do to score goals and open chances for others. Hopefully he wasn’t seriously hurt. Head injuries are scary.

Jose Hernandez—7.5 Hernandez was as hungry as the rest of the attackers. He linked up nicely with his peers and put in solid, exciting minutes.


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