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RSL vs. Portland Timbers: Player Ratings

We rank all 23 RSL players in what felt like a proper match at Providence Park against Portland Timbers.

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Starting 11

Nick Rimando 6.5 - Nick looked fairly solid but did allow two goals. The first goal was more the fault of the back four than any mistake by the keeper, as Rimando had just made a good save, but it bounced for an unmarked Valeri who slots it away. On the PK, he went the right way but couldn't make the save.

Demar Phillips 6.5 - Demar blazed up and down the left side most of his time on the field. He was able to help in the attack but didn't have too much trouble getting back.

Justin Schmidt 4.5 - Schmidt was caught out a few times and had some poor passes. He helped defend a good Timbers chance and had certain moments of good positioning.

Aaaron Maund 5.5 - Made good choices when to stay back and when to come forward. The defense looked shaky overall, but was a bright spot in that.

Reagan Dunk 4.5 - Had a few bad giveaways. He had some good moments, but felt more like a liability than what we've seen in earlier preseason friendlies. The third goal largely came from his mistake.

Luke Mulholland 6.5 - Luke is constantly a mixed bag. He works hard and will have great moments, but also had a poor free kick and some bad passes. His goal through traffic was impressive.

Sunny 5.5 - Good defensive work, came back to help out the CBs. Made a terrible pass to a Timbers player that resulted in a change where they almost scored. His speed and work rate are solid, but his passing was poor.

Albert Rusnak 7.5 - Again we saw good passing and good movement from our new number ten. His crosses looked okay. He was able to work through traffic with the ball at his feet. He connected most of his passes and helped the team move up the field.

Joao Plata 7.5 - His free kick goal was truly beautiful (I don’t want to say Messi’s free kick against the USA in the Copa America, but...). His confidence to step up and take the free kick showed leadership and that he is now a veteran on this team. Still fast and dangerous.

Jordan Allen 5.5 - We didn’t see a ton of Allen, but he did a good job getting up and down the right side, which helped to open up the attack. His handball that lead to the PK was a pretty foolish move.

Yura Movsisyan 6.5 - We saw a lot of hard work from Yura and a few chances, but no goals. He got a yellow card, but it was pretty adorable. Had a good goal that was called offside.

61st Minute Substitutions

Tony Beltran 6.5 - Looked as solid as ever, knew where to be and when to be there. He was the clear leader once he took the field.

David Horst 6 - Horst along with the rest of the defense looked much more solid than what we saw in the first half. The Timber's red card and their change in line up might have contributed to that significantly, but Horst held himself well.

Emilio Orozco 6 - He was fine in defense for what was a pretty calm half hour.

Max Lachowecki 5.5 - Max was able to move up and down the left, but no real stand out moments during his time on the field.

Omar Holness 6.5 - Fantastic strike from him for the third RSL goal. His goal seemed to increase his confidence as he took two similar shots that were both off target. He was a strong pillar in the midfield.

Nick Besler 6.5 - Besler had a great ball over the top and good passing overall. This was his best half hour for RSL so far.

Jose Hernandez 6 - Liked the energy from Hernandez, he moved fast and picked the ball off of Portland really well, but was also prone to some poor giveaways.

Daniel Haber 7 - Had a good chance where he timed his run perfectly but couldn't bring the ball under control. Pestered the defense and put in hard work.

Ricardo Velazco 7 - As soon as he subs on, you can see him helping to direct the team. He had a good chance but took too long to settle, which gave the defense just enough time to block his shot. Nice movement, often looking towards goal.

Chat Barrett 5.5 - Barrett clearly knows how to get into dangerous spots, but his shooting was off, which is what we've seen from him in the other preseason friendlies. If he can put the ball on frame, he'll be much more of an attacking threat.

Additional Substitutions

Lalo Fernández 7 (46th minute) - Allowed a goal early after coming on. Since Portland was a man down, most of his time was claimer than Nick's, but we did see good choices from Lalo.

Andrew Brody 5.5 (76th minute) - Had a pretty quiet match. He made some good runs and was able to help open the defense, but with no real results.

If you missed the match, you can watch it here: