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Preseason Player Ratings: RSL vs. Vancouver Whitecaps

A bit of a quiet match, but take comfort in our cohesion.

MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps vs Real Salt Lake Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

1st Half

Nick Rimando—5.5 Really didn’t have much to do while out on the field, but the back line looked locked down for the first time this preseason. He knows his job.

Tony Beltran—6.5 Handled himself very well as captain. He demonstrated his experience and was a calm, controlled presence on the pitch.

Chris Schuler—5.5 Put in a good shift. He did the Schuler thing and wandered into midfield. The defense showed their experience and, finally, looked pretty square tonight.

David Horst—5.5 Another player whose experience is starting to show on the field. I think I’m starting to feel some confidence in our CBs.

Chris Wingert—5.5 Wingert had another decent game today. He made some good decisions and put himself in places to cause Vancouver some grief.

Omar Holness—6.5 Holness looked hungry for another goal. His passing was crisp and he had a bounce in his step.

Charlie Adams—5 Made some mistakes, but didn’t cost us much. Was mostly quiet.

Luis Silva—6 Silva showed his versatility once again. He’s going to be a strong asset with his ability to play in multiple positions.

Ricardo Velazco—6.5 Velazco has a lot of energy and looks very hungry. He’s out to prove something and it’s great. He’s showing us all why he earned that promotion from Real Monarchs.

Chad Barrett—6.5 He’s a leader. Plain and simple. He shows up everywhere on the field and puts in solid efforts.

Andrew Brody—6 Brody had a decent showing today. He made some good plays and generally did what was needed. A good showing for a young guy.


Chandler Hoffman— N/A

2nd Half

Van Oekel—5.5 Was left out to dry on that goal. He’s a big, bulky force, though. I’m interested to see where he lands on the depth charts.

Demar Phillips—6.5 He played on the right today and he played very well. He’s been one of the best looking players throughout the preseason.

Aaron Maund—6.0 Maund had a good match. He looked eagre in attack and spry in defense.

Emilio Orozco—5.5 He’s out to prove that he deserves a promotion from Real Monarchs. I’ll be watching to see if he can pull it off. The skill is there. We’ll see.

Max Lachowecki—5.0 He didn’t make any waves. It was a quiet night, but nothing to complain about.

Luke Mulholland—5.5 That giveaway was atrocious. He made up for it, though. He won the ball to spring the attack that led to Allen’s goal.

Sunny—6.5 I’d say this was Sunny’s best outing of the preseason. I was a bit worried at first, but he sharpened up and made himself a nuisance in both attack and defense.

Albert Rusnák—6 He’s clicking more each game. If you watch over the past couple of outings, you can see his cohesion with the other attacking players developing. It’s looking better and better. He’s quick, too.

Joao Plata—6.5 Plata has been eating his Wheaties. The amount of energy he brings to the field is palpable and infectious.

Yura Movsisyan—6.5 His hold up play was swell. His passing was true. He’s starting to get a feel for Rusnák and Allen. My expectations are high.

Jordan Allen—7 The composure he showed on that goal was outstanding. A perfect run, a clean touch, a great goal. He’s doing all the right things.