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RSL vs. Minnesota United: Three questions with MLS newcomers

What should you expect from Minnesota United this year? We took this match as an opportunity to talk to Nate Siems of E Pluribus Loonum.

MLS: Minnesota United FC vs Vancouver Whitecaps USA TODAY Sports

1. First, welcome to the league. What are you expecting from your first year in MLS?

Thanks. I've been waiting for an MLS team to come for way too long. Honestly, I am expecting a good, but not great season. I think a successful season will be a good run in the US Open Cup and a solid finish in the table. I don't expect the team to make the playoffs, but I think they can be competitive.

2. It seems like Minnesota's been a little or more deliberate with their approach to offseason. How's the squad shaping up?

Yes... The joke at E Pluribus Loonum is that we should be consistently in a state of #PANIC. Honestly though, I like the moves that Adrian Heath, Manny Lagos, and the rest of the front office have made. Francisco Calvo was a great signing for TAM money. Bringing a good handful of players up from the NASL team was very smart. I think they were deliberate without having to #PANIC. The team clearly knew the players that it was going after and it keeps all of the designated player spots open.

3. Every fanbase ends up being characterized in one way or another. What do you think will come from your side?

3) I just hope that the team succeeds. MNUFC has two very dedicated supporter groups (The Dark Clouds and True North Elite), but they are on the smaller side. The amount of season tickets being sold is a little encouraging, and I think once the season starts, the fans will come. Minnesota is a cold state. Once the weather starts getting warm and sunny, the fans will come. Minnesota fans don't do anything half hearted. We will be loud, it will just take a season or two to get a good foothold in the market. Spending years in Blaine (18ish miles north of the Twin Cities) cultivated a very dedicated fanbase, but it also made it difficult to grow the team as it was tough to get the games. Now with the team playing on the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities campus, it will allow for easier access to the games.