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RSL vs. Minnesota United man of the match: Jordan Allen

Jordan Allen was the Man of the Match against Minnesota but could also become the Man of the Future for RSL.

MLS: Real Salt Lake vs Minnesota United FC Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake in their 3-3 draw against Minnesota United had moments where they did not play up to par, but there were some bright spots. One that shown bright is our Man of the Match, but Jordan Allen could also be the man of the future for RSL.

RSL's youth movement has moved along this offseason and there have been many who have started to make a difference in the preseason games in Arizona and now in Portland. Jordan Allen has been able to create opportunities and has scored two goals and has created two penalty calls in his favor; in this game against Minnesota, Yura Movisisyan was able to capitalize in Allen's penalty.

He is also able to put himself in very dangerous positions. He makes the backline commit to him and not collapse to the center of the box when the ball is played in because of his playmaking ability. He has showed well in this new-look 4-2-3-1 formation, and he has had a lot of freedom to roam through the midfield and final third to create those chances. Joao Plata and Allen were able to change sides and create disruption for the defenders as they accustomed themselves to the switch, and once the defenders were comfortable with the change, the pair switched again.

Commitment to the offensive side of the ball is one thing, but his determination to create pressure on the player who dispossessed him has been a real treat. Allen also is able to use his speed to get on the defensive end of the field and help put numbers behind the ball so that RSL is able to transition from the defensive phase to the offensive one.

All in all, Allen is a well-rounded player that has a great and bright future with the Claret and Cobalt. Can he be the man of the youth movement as RSL transitions from the veterans to the new? Being with RSL these years makes him a prime candidate to help bridge that gap. Let's hope he brings his great abilities to the regular season and that he improves to become one of the many stars for Real Salt Lake.