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From best to worst, every RSL uniform, ranked

A collection of RSL Soapbox writer ranked every Real Salt Lake kit.

Real Salt Lake v New York Red Bulls Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images for New York Red Bull

Real Salt Lake just dropped their 2017 Away kit, (10th jersey we have had) so we decided to rank them from least favorite to favorite. Feel free to add your opinions in the comments below!

Please Note: some of these years feature pictures of the home jersey only.


CJ: 9 — I get that it was our first one and should hold a place in all of our hearts, but it was our first one...

Howie: 10 — The terrible logo and the way it leans to orange and I’m glad this one is in the distant past.

Kreg: 4 — Some nice design elements with the angles, but color scheme is a bit weird with the light red panels.

Ryan: 7 — Being our first jerseys ever, I don’t love these but I don’t hate them. I wasn’t a fan of how big they were — every player looked like they were drowning, and the short sleeves hung down past the elbow.

Dave: 10 — Too many colors and straight lines with acute angles. Looks like geometry homework that the dog should haven’t eaten but was afraid too. Also remember them seeming too roomy and not a fan of the logo.

Andy: 8 — This one makes my eyes scrunch up as I try to determine what, exactly, I’m trying to focus on.


CJ: 8 — We started to implement more cobalt for the second jersey ever, but I really hated the collar on this jersey.

Howie: 8 — I love the addition of cobalt, but the strange accents and the logo on the chest drop it down. The away with “Salt Lake” on the chest is much better.

Kreg: 3 — Nice blend of the “claret/cobalt” (perhaps this is the design that started that?), this kit was a nice lead-in for the one that followed.

Ryan: 6 — Definitely an improvement from the 2005 kits, and like everyone else I love the addition of the cobalt on the shoulders and swoops down the front and sides.

Dave: 4 — More curved lines and an reverse echo of color between shorts and tops tying them together. The logo still needs to go, but the combination of both cobalt and claret moves them up above single-color designs.

Andy: 9 — It’s an alright design, I guess, but I had a 9 left to assign. So here’s the one that gets 9. Because.


CJ: 6 — We had green jerseys once for St. Patrick’s Day I think. I miss seeing Andy’s long sleeves, but this look is odd to say the least.

Howie: 6 — It’s different, which I like. I’m a fan for going out of the color scheme. But why is Wingert’s short sleeve shirt so different?

Kreg: 8 — I generally like Green, but not for RSL. This was just weird, and felt like completely abandoning our colors.

Ryan: 9 — I know they’re third kits, but green just doesn’t make sense. It looked like the team had one field player and 10 goalkeepers.

Dave: 6 — These look way to stock and off-the-shelf regardless of the color. Need to have something to make the standout in a crowd.

Andy: 6 — Green is my favorite color. Red and blue make purple. I might be okay with purple. I suppose blue and yellow make green. Strange choice, though. Not a huge fan, but points for the risk!


CJ: 7 — We started to get more designs going, but the cobalt on this seems too wavy to make it to the top 5 for me.

Howie: 2 — The last of the blue shorts. It may have been executed better, but cobalt, oh how I love thee.

Kreg: 2 — Nice follow-up on the 06-07 kits, one of my top 5.

Ryan: 4 — Slight changes from the ‘06-07 kits, but definitely an improvement in my opinion. They got rid of the red on the shorts and kept it to just yellow trim, and I’m a big fan of that.

Dave: 7 — While I like the use of both claret and cobalt in the design, I could not help but call these the bib jerseys. Almost as if you could expect ties behind the neck.

Andy: 5 — I wavered on this kit. I like it. I don’t. Why not? I don’t know. So it gets the 5.


CJ: 5 and 4, respectively. — I love the thin, yellow stripe across the chest and down the side. Wish they would have remembered that design in 2014...

Who can forget the Victory Gold kits? I often see a lot of people remember these and wish to have more, but unless we sell 10,000 jerseys, we won’t get a 3rd kit. I don’t love it, but we wear it better than Colorado.

Howie: 7 and 5, respectively. — The home uniforms are terrible and the switch to red shorts was a serious downgrade in my opinion.

The Victory Gold is a really great idea, but the red socks make it lean to a bad fast food uniform. Cobalt shorts on that would improve it. I hate that Colorado has this look and makes it look good.

Kreg: 5 and 1 — Fall back from the previous kit, lacking in much blue for contrast.

Victory Gold kits are still my favorite! Bring these back as our 2nd kit!

Ryan: 3 and 1 — Personally I loved the thin yellow stripe on these and didn’t mind that they had less cobalt than previous years. The long-sleeve version of this is definitely one of my favorites.

Victory Gold!! It doesn’t get ANY better than these. I’m one of the few who missed out on getting one of these while they were in production and I’ve regretted ever since.

Dave: 1 and 3 — The main jersey for this year remains my favorite design. Symmetric and clean with balanced design and extended stripes.

Victory Gold is great for the memories and will remain so, but I for one would not bring it back.

Andy: 2 and 4 — That home kit is slick. It barely lost out as my top pick. I’m not entirely sure why.

I love that they went outside of the box with that Victory Gold. I’d love to see more outside the box designs. Give me something to rave about or complain about. These are certainly not boring.


CJ: 1 — I really miss the cobalt sleeve. It was the best look we have worn and really brought out the cobalt in “Claret and Cobalt.”

Howie: 4 — This is the classic RSL look to me. However, I appreciate symmetry and for that reason it’s lower on my list. This was still the first jersey I purchased and I love it.

Kreg: 6 — Here we start trending toward the dull. A vain attempt at contrast, but would be better as a half-half instead of one arm/side.

Ryan: 2 — I dig these. I liked the fact that they used the cobalt swoop on both home and away kits. I remember them being similar to Sporting Kansas City’s in 2013, but ours were waaaaay better, of course.

Dave: 5 — Asymmetric which costs it points with me and I have never been a fan of gold highlights.

Andy: 3 — I love asymmetry. I like the cobalt sleeve. We won a bunch of matches in these, right? Maybe that’s why. It just looks winny. Just not cup winny, I guess.


CJ: 10 — This home jersey is the worst one we have had, in my opinion. I hated the big, yellow crown across the chest.

Howie: 9 — I wanted to like this jersey. I really did. And it was a really creative idea that was poorly executed. I did like the 2015 away jerseys that went to 2 blue sleeves and changed the stripes to gold. I thought that was really sharp.

Kreg: 7 — The crown was just a weird idea, and why didn’t we have a red or blue crown stripe on the away kit? That at least could have tied them together better.

Ryan: 10 — I was never a fan of the weird crown or yellow stripe at all — it even took me a while to realize it was supposed to be a crown in the first place. The away jerseys were fine, but the home kit is for sure my least favorite.

Dave: 8 — This design only serves to make the gold highlights more noticeable and objectionable. And please avoid the asymmetric sleeve.

Andy: 10 — I thoroughly despise the gold crown stripe. Please. Never again. Don’t cross the line.


CJ: 3 — For me, RSL moving from big yellow stripe to just red was a nice touch. Very clean cut, very simple, and overall great.

Howie: 3 — Clean with nice little touches. I’m not a huge fan of the stripes on the torso, but it does make a cool blend into the shorts.

Kreg: 9 — Bland and boring as they come. If the blue shorts would have been used it could have been an improvement, but it’s too much red in a league that is drowning in the same color.

Ryan: 5 — I didn’t love this when they first revealed them, but after sitting with it for a while it really grew on me. Now I really think they’re some of the classiest jerseys we’ve ever had. I even like the faux collar, surprisingly enough.

Dave: 8 — A good example of a nice clean design ruined by the attempt to add highlights that just stand out and look weird. The fake collar looks like they are wearing something under the jersey and the gold strips just do not contrast well.

Andy: 1 — I love the cleanliness and simplicity of this one. The pretend collar is nice. I’m holding out for a real collar! I’m a huge fan of the vertical striping. Vertical stripes make me look thinner.

The 2017 RSL Away kit is here #RSL

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CJ: 2 — I love away jerseys for some reason, but this one takes the cake for me. Second only to single, blue sleeve. I love the pinstripes and I love the change to the Lifevantage logo. I will buying this long sleeve gem very shortly!

Howie: 1 — I put this as my top jersey with the hopes that the new sponsor logo will appear on the home jersey as well. I love the clean symmetry and the simplicity of it. Add to it some cobalt shorts and we’d look phenomenal.

Kreg: 10 — The bland look continues. Yes it may have some close-up design elements, but who’s going to see it unless they’re right next to you? We want something distinctive that says “We are RSL!”

Ryan: 8 — Plain and boring. I get that they wanted to have the subtle stripes that show up-close for cohesiveness with the home jerseys, but this is basically a plain white t-shirt with some blue stripes on the shoulders. I was really hoping they’d play it a little less safe with these ones. Although I agree with Howie — cobalt shorts would make them a little easier to swallow.

Dave: 2 — A clean design with balance (or at least I hope that the other version really is the final one). I love the blue strips, but wish for another horizontal blue accent at some location on the jersey to make it a bit more unique.

Andy: 7 — I’m tired of white. Everyone in our league has a white kit. It’s boring. It’s the same old thing. Rock the boat a little next time, even if it’s ugly.