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2017 Dossier: Brooks Lennon

The Real Salt Lake academy product joins from Liverpool’s U-23 side, and he’s one of the most exciting prospects we’ve seen here.

Brooks Lennon at Real Salt Lake training Courtesy of Real Salt Lake

Player name: Brooks Lennon

Position: Winger or striker

Birthdate: Sept. 22, 1997 (19)

Last club: Liverpool FC, Under-23 team, on loan to Real Salt Lake

One thing you need to know

Brooks Lennon has consistently been one of the top-rated players to come from Real Salt Lake’s academy setup. He signed with Liverpool out of the academy with no pro experience, and over the last year, he started impressing for their Under-23 team.

What he brings to the team

Brooks Lennon might not be ready to start his first match for Real Salt Lake, but he’s not far off in the slightest. He just completed a hat trick for the United States U-20s, and he’s been impressive for Liverpool’s U23-s. What does that mean for success with us, though?

The fact that he’s been able to show his skills everywhere he goes — good runs into the box, great positioning, good crossing, the like — and that he’s consistently put up goals should mean that he has every chance to bring that to Real Salt Lake.

Why you should be excited

If Lennon can actually bring goals to the team — whether that’s creating or finishing them — we could find ourselves watching one of the brightest young American players around. If that’s not enough to make you excited about his prospects, there’s still more.

Lennon can actually bring something to this team. He’s no finished product, and we have to recognize that. He’ll probably make mistakes. No great player peaks at 19.

Moreover, we should be excited that Lennon’s back here. Liverpool legitimately thought he could develop here. That’s going to be down to more than just coaching, although that certainly plays some role. That’s about facilities, resources, staff — and that says a lot about the state of our club.

Predictions for 2017

  • Lennon scores twice in one match in 2017 — let’s not go so far as predicting a hat trick, though.
  • He doesn’t continue with Real Salt Lake in 2018, returning to Liverpool after a successful season.
  • He becomes one of the first players off the bench.