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RSL vs. LA Galaxy: Preseason player ratings

RSL fall to LA in an underwhelming performance from the Claret and Cobalt.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at LA Galaxy Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

First Half

Van Oekel - 5.5 Had some decent saves, good job coming off his line to collect, but a few long balls either out or across the field to the other keeper. Allowed one goal.

​Dunk - 4.5 Had a few poor clearances and a bad throw-in that otherwise could've lead to an RSL attack.

Schmidt - 4.5 Not as solid as we'd like to see and didn’t effectively shut down LA’s attack that led to the goal.

Orozco - 5 Made a few good plays to clear the ball but loses his runner during the play that saw LA score.

Wingert - 5 Overall Chris looked better in this match, in part because he was the veteran among a youthful team. On the goal, he didn’t get back soon enough (slow jogs back) and the space left wide open on the left allowed for the shot where LA scored.

Holness - 6.5 A bit aggressive with some challenges, but good on both sides of the ball. He seemed to be the dominate presence in the midfield.

​Silva - 5.5 He was fine but didn't really impress. The defensive midfield role doesn't seem to be his first choice, and his attributes are muted there.

Hernandez - 6 Had some good runs, once offside for a smart chance.

Brody - 5.5 Was ok but far too quite for what we want out of his position.

Barrett - 6 Worked hard, had some good changes, but couldn't finish.

Velazco - 6 Had a good chip that was almost a goal. Fast.

Second Half

Rimando - 6.5 Nick commanded his backline with more authority that ​Van Oekel. He knows where to be and had good distribution.

Beltran - 6 Pretty standard for Beltran, made a questionable cross into the left corner when no one was there and Sunny was making a good run down the right channel.

Schuler - 6 Contributed to the attack, had some good defensive moments when called upon.

Horst - 5.5 He did mostly fine, but should have stayed on his man more during one attack.

Phillips - 5.5 Got way up field and contributed to the attack but also got back. Had some good crosses but some bad passes too.

Mulholland - 6.5 This was Luke's best match this preseason. He was connecting passes, working hard, and had good ideas. It wasn't perfect, but certainly an improvement.

Sunny - 6 Good header that was just over the bar. A good amount of energy in the midfield, but we saw some mistakes with passing and defending.

Rusnak - 7 His crosses were good, he kept the ball for the most part, and help to create space for Plata, Allen, and Yura.

Allen - 6.5 More of the good play we've seen from him, hard work, smart ideas, and quick speed.

Movsisyan - 5.5 Yura was way too quiet in this match. As always, he works hard and looks determined, but he didn't produce much.

Plata - 6 Also little too quite in second half, but had good moments and a decent cross/shot from distance.


Lachowecki 5 - 62nd minute sub for Phillips. He was fine, but didn't stand out (other than his fun name).